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TERRRA was born with the idea to change the way we design, manufacture and consume products. We strongly believe, that waste and linear consumption are the result of bad product design, which is not only the look and feel of a product, but the materials, the supply chain and the product lifecycle.

The three Rs in the name TERRRA stand for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. For every product we create, these Rs can have different meaning, but all unite under one ideology: basic, well designed products, the Archetypes.


Behind TERRRA are people that appreciate well made products of quality. We continuously reduce our consumption and limit it to what we really need and what we can use for the longest time possible.

If we decide to buy something new, it has to be a well designed product, that can be recycled so that these values stay in the loop.

If you feel the same way, you are welcome to join us on our mission. We are TERRRA.

Worldwide shipping

We ship worldwide, except to Russia. Please see our shipping policies for further information on


Monday to Saturday delivery due to reduced packaging.


You can return the products within seven days for a refund.